Season finale still to come

OMG, December 2 and still no snow in the mountains! Great, Lenzerheide is open for bikers this weekend! Ready to ride? YES!


Project Remedy – Round two

Last sunday I upgraded my DHX Air rear shock with an XV (extended volume) air sleeve from my 2009 RP23. All I can tell is that it fits and I can finally use the full travel. With the standard air sleeve I was only able to use about 2/3 of the nominal 160mm. The suspesion setup feels much better than with the factory RP23 rear shock.

I also ordered a Gore Ride On Sealed Gear Cable Set so I can finally mount the new mid cage X.0 rear derailleur and got Goodridge stainless steel braided hoses as well.I am looking forward to compare the breaking performance with the SRAM standard hose.

Ressources on upgrading the Trek Remedy rear shock

  • March 2009: a discussion on upgrading a Remedy frame to a Fox DHX coil started in the Mountain Bike Review forum.
  • May 2009: A DHX Air upgrade is considered in the IBC Mountainbike Forum.
  • July 2009: A successful DHX Air upgrade is posted in the same thread, se postings #4 and #9.
  • May 2010: Pics of a mounted DHX Coil available.
  • March 2011: The RS Vivid Air can also be mounted in the Remedy frame. The rider summarizes his experience with the Vivid air in another posting.

And why all this? Because I think my 2009 Remedy 9 could perform much better. Hence, I wanted to exchange or tune the Fox RP23.


Remedy rear shock upgrade

My ‘new’ 2008 Fox DHX Air 5.0 rear shock arrived a few days ago. However, it fits the frame just upside down due to the air spring valve. I think of getting one of these Gonzo Air Valve kits from Toxoholics ….
Anyway, there is still a lot of work ahead: The O-ring at the rebound knob is defective and has to be replaced. At this point I will also change the oil and do a full rebuilt of the shock. Changing the shim stack has to wait – if necessary at all. Additionally the DU bushing will be replaced with needle bearings from RWC.